50 cars = 1 bus



Every day thousands of Swedes take their car to the Stockholm Airport. In an attempt to get them to take the bus, ad-company Acne created for bus company Flygbussarna* this statement: a bus made from 50 flattened cars.

The 50 cars figure is based on the amount of people in those cars the Flygbussarna company stated, that 1 of their buses also could take to the airport: 50 cars equal 1 bus.

The bus ad caused traffic jams and was reported in traffic jam notifications on the news. Not only plays the Flygbussarna the traffic jam card, there is also the CO2-pollution, the bus only pollutes equal to 4 cars.

Flygbussarna goes even further. On their website a web-cam connection could be seen. The cam is installed the other side of the highway, looking at the ad bus and the cars passing by. The moving image is connected to senors which count the passing cars and with some math Flygbussarna shows how much CO2 could have been reduced.

Here is the full story: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k5o6oFQwLKA

When arrived on the airport, there is another chance for being green: staying in the Jumbo Hostel**.

Acne (http://advertising.acne.se/ )

Flygbussarna advertorial: 50 cars = 1 bus (2009)

Superused: 50 cars (Volvo’s, Saab’s)

Near Stockholm Airport, Sweden



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