Paper & card offcuts

Christchurch (NZ)
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Papier & Karton
Karton, Papier

A stack of card stock offcuts, the offcuts are approximately A2 in size and smooth on one side. There is also a pile of glossy paper offcuts, approximately A4 in size. Dimensions may vary.

Specificaties (partij)

Lengte: 1000 mm
Breedte: 600 mm
Hoogte: 600mm
Volume: 0.36 m3
Aanvullende informatie: All measurements of the paper stack are approximations.


Aantal: 1 partij
Frequentie: Eenmalig
Beschikbaar tot: 21 oktober 2016
Aanvullende informatie: One large stack
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Plaats: Christchurch (NZ)
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