Concreo Natural Smooth 17 mm 1250×2540

Varedo (IT)
prijs: n.t.b

Revolutionary material for Interior Design, similar to poured concrete but: free of concrete, resins or dangerous ingredients. Provided in homogenous cement-like mass, made of natural components and fibers, ready to use with same tools as for wood.

Specificaties (stuk)

Lengte: 2540 mm
Breedte: 1250 mm
Hoogte: 17mm
Volume: 0.053975 m3
Volume (totaal): 1.0795000000000001 m3
Aanvullende informatie: Stock of 20 sheets of Cemento non Cemento in his finishing Concreo Natural Smooth, thickness 17 mm, size 1250x2540 mm. There are some stains or raws on the surface from the production not effecting at all the features of the material. it is workable with same techniques and tools as for the wood. It revolutionizes the use of concrete in Interior Design.


Aantal: 20 stuk
Frequentie: Eenmalig
Beschikbaar tot: 31 december 2018
Minimum aanschaf: 10
Aanvullende informatie: We created 2 omogeneous stocks of 10 slabs each immediately available.
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Plaats: Varedo (IT)
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